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## Utilities

- Documentation #1435: Update the automatic comments in Lua input file following #1431 changes,

## CI

- Support #1437: In Yaml files, add explicit dependencies. Previously they were forgotten, and all artifacts were downloaded.
- Support #1436: Do not run CI pipeline for master. In our workflow, master is modified only when a new tag is issued, and there is no need to run twice the same identical pipeline (once for tag and once for master branch).

## Models

- Bug #1438: In hyperelastic model, wrong sign affected to the TransientSource operator in the rhs computation.

## PostProcessing

- Bug #1441: Robustify the function in charge of writing Ensight output for a given unknown so that there can't be lines with more than 6 values.

## Compilation / CMake / XCode

- Support #1439: Address some warnings that appeared with gcc 8 (and that weirdly didn't appear when I validated the previous tag).
- Bug #1434: CMake install was not properly updated and libmeshb includes were not found due to this mistake in external models.
- Bug #1440: Fix a bug in release config file (wrong path for libmeshb library).