Mise à jour terminée. Pour connaître les apports de la version 13.8.4 par rapport à notre ancienne version vous pouvez lire les "Release Notes" suivantes :

## Utilities

- __Support #1432__: Change the way Lua function is implemented (for the sake of #1431). In your existing models, you will have to change the definition of Lua functions in your input data file: it should be within a string block (just add '[[' before the function and ']]' after).
- Support #1431: InputData: modify interface so that variant may be used in a vector
- Support #1430: Introduce a mechanism to know whether a class gets a member of a given name or not.

## Geometry

- __Support #1427__: Update from Libmesh6 to Libmesh7. Now Libmesh 7 is no longer embedded (the reason Libmesh6 was - missing include guard therefore added manually - has been solved in Libmesh 7, so there are no reason not to handle it as any other third party library.)

## Operators

- Bug #1415: ScalarDivVectorial and Stokes operators were flawed: a Seldon overflow could occur due to an index issue.
- Support #1425: Make sure that cache misses are kept to a minimum in local variational operators.

## FiniteElement

- Support #1424:UnknownManager: replace an assert by an exception in debug mode to help developer's work.

## Models

- Support #1413: Add test about Stokes model with two separate operators.

## Compilation

- Support #1433: Update the code to compile gracefully with latest clang.
- __Support #1305__: std::optional is now also supported with recent AppleClang; so remove the macro that might point to Boost counterpart which is now never used.
- __Support #1330__: Same as #1305 for std::variant.

## Tests

- Bug #1414: CheckIdenticalFiles and CompareEnsightFiles were deeply flawed: reference files were compared to themselves!

## PostProcessing

- Bug #1412 A line was unduly commented in the generation of the geo file.

## Miscellaneous

- Bug #1420: I used to unduly believe operator<< overloads should be put in namespace std.
- Support #1428: Replace dispatchers by more modern (C++ 17) facilities (mostly if constexpr).
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