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- Support #543: Ops is now the 'official' version rather than a home-modified one. Source are no longer embedded, even if XCode (or SCons) are still in charge of the compilation.
- Design #536: ScalarDivVectorial implementation has been much improved.
- Feature #535: Now in a LocalVariationalOperator instance a different kind of Seldon matrix might be used (typically one can use symmetric matrix to define ScalarDivVectorial).
- Feature #510: Unify Stokes and NonMonolithic Stokes into one same Model.
- Feature #515: Update HeatModel with changes made in #410.
- Feature #531: Refactor deeply assembling. Most prominent new feature is that is is now possible to assemble into as many matrices and/or vectors as you like in one call.
- Feature #527: GlobalVector and GlobalMatrix are now full-fledged classes which also embed references to numbering subsets.
- Support #425: Refactor numbering subset for more flexibility.
- Bug #517: InputParameterList has been rewritten to work even with plenty of input parameters. New methods introduced in Mpi wrapper to that purpose.
- Feature #521: Non monolithic Stokes has been rewritten to use up only one variational formulation. This is a preliminary step to fuse monolithic/non monolithic ine one same model.
- Feature #512: Variational has been amended to be able to store several global matrices and vectors (one per block matrix).
- Bug #507: Correct two very minor bugs (one about default scheme in XCode, the other about the location of Ensight related outputs).