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- Support #500: In Model, UpdateTime() is now called in InitializeStep() rather than in FinalizeStep() (to ease interface with Verdandi).
- Support #506: Refactor ElementaryData and GlobalVariationalOperator, which now displays  policy for unknowns, which is especially in charge of injecting local linear algebra into global one. This is both more efficient (static dispatch) and cleaner: formerly too much code was repeated.
- Support #503: Add option MAT_NO_OFF_PROC_ZERO_ROWS for parallel matrix, which is more efficient according to Petsc's documentation. Modify the initialization of boundary conditions so that this condition is effectively fulfilled.
- Support #502: Introduce macro to ease declaration of input parameters for each model instance.
- Support #490: Update the XCode templates related to creation of a new ModelInstance (i.e. all of them save the operator-related ones).
- Support #495: Post processing has been adapted to new paths featuring the numbering subset.
- Feature #496: Extend ComputeMatrixPattern and VariationalFormulation to handle properly non square matrices (for which row and columns are described by different numbering subsets).
- Support #502: Introduce macro to lighten the reading of model instances input parameter list.
- Feature #474 - #480 - Support #499: Introduction of numbering subsets.