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- Bug #459: Fix the quadrature rule related to a point: now gets 0 component rather than 1.
- Bug #460: Creation of default input parameter file was broken in parallel. Now it is done without asking the user (as stdin with Openmpi seems to be very tricky).
- Support #457: Data directory has been cleant-up: now there are toy meshes and input parameter lua files for each model, and paths are given with environment variables /Users/sebastien and sebastien. There is an assumption however that M3DISIM organization is used (namely HappyHeart should be in /Users/sebastien/Codes/Happyheart).
- Support #458: Add Replace() function for std::string.
- Support #107: I've finally managed to build happy heart with static libraries in command line build. So now one can choose whether to use static or shared libraries.
- Support #390: In SCons build, create libraries for source files associated to each model instances and copy them to the Build directory. New scheme allow to define several executables for the same ModelInstance.
- Bug #440: A test in an assert has been modified: there was the underlying assumption that EdgeContent alias was always a std::vector or std::array, which is not the case (it is std::false_type for Point for instance).
- Bug #446: Index in State operator was not correctly computed.