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- Support #436: Input parameter list descriptions are now automatically formatted not to exceed a certain line length.
- Feature #430: Add the possibility of a 1D mesh (reduction to 1D is applied after the native format has been read.
- Support #425: Now build folders of SCons compilation may be chosen from the configuration file. The highlight of this is that binaries no longer are synchronized if build directories are put on Data partition.
- Feature #429: Define an operator to project from one finite element space to a subset of it.
- Feature #428: A finite element space is now able to generate the pattern of one of its vector (said vector is smaller than GodOfDof's ones).
- Feature #427: FiniteEltSpace now contains a weak_ptr to its enclosing GodOfDof. So GodOfDof informations are now accessible from any of the finite element space it contains; it is very handy for instance to identify the ghosted dofs.
- Bug #422: boundary conditions dofs were not reduced to processor-wise only.
- Bug #426: Dof ordering relationship was incorrect: using program-wise indexes there could lead to some ghost being stored before the processor-wise dofs. Using processor-wise ior ghost indexes solve this issue.