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- Support #419: Report early Gautier's correction in Seldon and Ops projects.
- Feature #378: Add the heat equation in ModelInstances.
- Support #418: Update scripts and run cppcheck upon the code to improve it.
- Design #416-#417: Implement a thin wrapper in Seldon to wrap HappyHeart's wrapper of a Petsc vector.
- Bug #415: Two template functions in Ops were wrongly in cxx file.
- Support #414: Reactivate g++ compilation; extend SCons interface so that two different compilers can be used.
- Support #412: Wrote a first draft of XCode template for both global and local variational operator.
- Support #406: Add a transient source operator.
- Support #343: In SetFiniteEltList(), add a check of adequation for the pair RefGeomElt/Domain.
- Design #364: Use unique_ptr rather than raw ones in GeometricEltFactory.