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- #207: Remove home-made make_unique and replace it by std::make_unique, made recently available with C++14 support.
- #401: FiniteElt: make the method GetNodeList() public. Replace std::shared_ptr by std::unique_ptr; add move assignation (even if deleted...).
- #400: Pseudo-Stokes should not be used: the problem was clearly ill-formed and work in #391 highlighted this (a same dof was assigned two different values per essential boundary conditions). There is now an exception to prevent such a bug (previously it was an assert that was poorly implemented...)
- #397: Propose creation of default input file in each model instance main when the given input parameter file doesn't exist. Create in the process a class which purpose is to init boilerplate in HappyHeart.
- #399: Remove input_parameter_data from operators constructors, and instead place there the values read from the input parameter file that are required. These values are them perfect-forwarded to LocalVariationalOperator constructor.
- #395: Some input parameter structures (the one that might be defined several times, such as force or mesh) are now templates.
- #391: Improve efficiency of SolveLinear() and ApplyEssentialBoundaryConditions(). The improvement is especially noticeable for SolveLinear() when the same precondition may be used: it is in this case not recomputed and the computation time is much better (actually most of it is dumping the solutions on the disk...).
- #394: Extend the applicability of mass, stiffness and force operators, that assumed so far a vectorial unknown.