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- Design #365: shared_ptr are now mostly passed by reference rather than by value (passing by value is in fact an anti-pattern for them).
- Support #369: another anti-pattern removed: return of functions no longer use std::move (nothing was gained and a possible optimization was prevented - see 'Effective Modern C++ by Scott Meyers - item 25').
- Design #350: GeometricMeshRegion no longer needs Mpi object.
- Documentation #345: prepare a demo for user/advanced user/proposed workflow. In the process, smooth the interface: for instance prepare XCode templates to provide minimal Model or VariationalFormulation instantiation (#363) or prepare a Python script that inits fully HappyHeart environment (scripts/
- Support #349: Medit or Ensight geometric files can now be loaded, and the format choice is also in the input parameter file (previously Medit was hardcoded).
- Bug #379: Now when a finite element space is empty, a warning is issued on the logs by the GlobalVariationalOperator that uses it.
- Support #386/#389: renaming of folders; apply uppercase for the first letter consistently.
- Support #346: Choose the lua file on the command line rather than in the main.
- Bug #372: time iterations limits are now much better handled (previously there could be one more time iteration than required).
- Support #377: Make all XCode schemes shared.