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- 2 problem variables: some bugs have been tracked down with the help of the Stokes problem (not fully implemented yet). Parmetis call for instance was bugged: it kept unduly the self-connexion nodes.
- Cleaning-up of the interfaces: some indirections have been cut, and implementation details have been moved into Private namespace. Edge and Face are now derived from a CRTP class instead of being a typedef over instantiated template class (which was problematic for instance to generate Doxygen documentation).
- Use decltype with UninitializedIndex() whenever possible (code more flexible to type change).
- Most std::size_t have been replaced by unsigned int.
- Unknowns must now correctly specified to the LinearProblem and Model through a template parameter (previously it was hardcoded as displacement no matter what).
- Lm5 wrappers moved from geometry to Utilities::Wrappers.
- Utilities: move Seldon-related functions into Wrappers.
- Bug correction: in LinearProblem::SetBoundaryConditionList() the value read from the input parameter file was not correct (the size of a vector was read rather than its content).
- Bug correction: in LinearProblem::AssignTimeConstantBoundaryCondition(), the values weren't correctly assigned for the second condition.
- FiniteElement was constructed many many times, while it could be entirely avoided. I am in the process of reducing the number of such objects actually built.
- SNES: when KSP solve is used, there is now a print on screen that gives the residual and the number of iterations.
- BoundaryCondition: while refactoring is still due, some has been done to avoid too heavy index handling (à la Felisce).
- Utilities/Petsc: create a Viewer RAII class, and use it to add new view functionalities for matrix and vector.