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- Feature #147: force management has been entirely refactored. Now forces can be spatial or constant and surfacic
or volumic; the same operator handles all the cases.
- Support #337: Yuni::Math::Zero() was too restrictive: its 1.e-6 epsilon for absolute comparison was not low enough.
A homemade function has therefore been introduced to replace it.
- Feature #320: introduce some geometric functions from Ondomatic: computation of a jacobian and local2global and global2local
transformations for 2x2 and 3x3 matrices.
- Feature #325: use the new formula to compute jacobian, and prettify ElementaryDataImpl. There is now a class in charge
of shape functions calculation at a given quadrature point. The stored matrices are now in a more natural order (attribute
called 'jacobian'i sreally so, not a trsnposed of it as it was in Felisce and realier HappyHeart).
- Support #316: report the new names for finite elements chosen in code meeting.
- Feature #315: a finite element space is now restricted to a given dimension.
    - Support #193: Remove the clumsy domain restriction I put to make operators work when several dimensions were involved
    (#315 removes most of the issue!)
- Support #70: Rebuild the XCode project; put the xproject file at the root of HappyHeart.
- Feature #305: write data in output directory that allows the building of output files in any format.