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WARNING: Elastic and Stokes formulations are currently disabled; only hyperelastic one has been ported to the new algorithm.

- Feature #54: very heavy refactoring, which modifies the way the assembling and calculation work. Now GlobalOperators have been introduced, and have the responsibility for the finite elements that act upon them. FiniteElement is a much more defined class than it was.
- Feature #103: Petsc matrices are now built with their pattern fully defined.
- Support #36: Now the rules to name the exceptions and their namespaces are the same everywhere.
- Support #47: Get rid of compilation option -ftemplate-depth=10000.
- Support #49: Clean-up in Utilities.
- Support #50: make sure all HappyHeart includes are defined from the src folder.
- Support #55: Introduce DofGroup and UnknownComponent (required for the transition to the new design discussed in code meetings).
- Support #65: Dofs are now created before the partition; program-wise indexing is done at the same time as node indexing and processor-wise/ghost-wise immediately after the partitioning occurred.
- Support #6: Remove now useless GeometricMeshRegion::work_directory_ (and its InputParameter counterpart).
- Feature #67: new finite element classes (FiniteElement, GenericFiniteElement and LocalOperator) have been introduced and replace CurrentFiniteElement. However this is currently not very pretty as a method FiniteElement::SetLocalOperator() must absolutely be called before each calculation (otherwise invalid data would be used in calculation). The refactoring to correct this is the topic of #75.
- Feature #75: LocalOperator has been extended and replace for instance the former ElementMatrix and ElementVector object.
- Feature #77: Introduce fully the GlobalOperators, which took many responsabilities from LinearProblem. There are heavy refactoring in this ticket, which I unwisely didn't split in parts.
- ... and many others defined more thoroughly in #54...