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- DofManager: Unknown, Node and Dof entirely rewritten. There is now Node and Dof objects, and the partitioning is done more properly (on the nodes rather than on the dofs; so all dofs on a same node are guaranteed to be handled by the same processor). There are no longer mappings: the Dof class gets two attributes giving the program-wise and processor-wise index.
- Project: now search user path is set to no. It was this option that could create havoc when two files were named the same way in different directories: XCode could pick the wrong one even if there was a partial path to disambiguate.
- GeometricElementFactory: now raw pointers are returned instead of shared ones. The reason is that we might want to use std::unique-ptr in some cases and there is no conversion from shared_ptr to  unique_ptr.
- GeometricElementType: previously this class might use as its internal GeometricElement object the one that was given in the constructor. That's not a very good idea: it prevents the releasing of this element (as it doesn't go out of scope). Now a brand-new one is created for each GeometricElementType.
- SurfaceReference has been renamed Label.
- Create a folder/group problem in which Elasticity and Hyperelasticity have been moved.
- DofBearer is now Node (there was no class beforehand, but it was often used in variable and function names).
- Geometry: there is now a check that geometric element indexes are unique (convenient to compare two geometric elements.). This uniqueness was not enforced until now.
- Geometry: the interface has been modified (indexes are less exposed than before, and there are much less risk to be used improperly).
- CurrentFiniteElement: its structure has been slightly changed: there was indeed an implicit dependancy on the unknown that was completely hidden... which didn't prevent to provide methods that rely heavily on this hidden assumption! So there is now a new constructor which explicitly provide the Unknown dependancy. Following these changes, there is no longer a CurrentFiniteElement object in Unknown class (the dependancy is the other way around now).