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- Feature #32: Import (almost) everywhere support for all kinds of interfaces. Not completely exact as there are still some dumb tests hardcoded (for instance Nexpected_node in DofManager::CreateNodeList()); however considering Dof will soon be refactored heavily no need to ponder too much on current code.
- Support #24: QuadraturePoint has been split: in Geometry it is now LocalCoords, used to define shape functions. QuadraturePoint itself is now defined in FiniteElement; it inherits from LocalCoords.
- Support #16: It is now possible to write self-consistent Medit meshes in parallel.
- Support #45: Rename correctly the project; add 1 new class in Utilities and remove another.
- Support #42: Better handling of write problems with Libmesh/Medit.
- Support #9(in progress): Correct some Doxygen warnings.