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- Feature #14: Refactor deeply GeometricElement: introduce a traits class GeomRefElement which will be used both for GeometricElement and for GeometricElementType (that will anyway be renamed as well).
- PartitionHelper/PartitionGeometricElement: algorithm has been simplified and a potential problem evacuated entirely in the process.
- Documentation: add a note about the creation of nodes and dofs.
- Feature #1 Documentation: add a note about the different kind of elements.
- Bug #2: some corrections in hyperelastic problem. This might or might not correct the issue; a macro can be activated to track the problem should hit arise again.
- Feature #3: move into ThirdParty folder the wrappers to third party library. Also remove some classes that are no longer used (mostly some introduced when Felisce contribution was still important).
- Feature #5: make the code compliant to the new standards required by the new command line tools version (which embeds clang 3.4).
- Feature #8: the redundancy in TransientParameters has been removed: we no longer have concurrent data members time_ and iteration_; the former is now derived from the latter.
- Feature #13: Some renaming occurred in Geometry (BasisFunction -> ShapeFunction, Node1 -> Point1, Shape -> Topology).