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- Static Stokes problem is implemented (it is able to reproduce Freefem result in P2/P1).
- List of boundary conditions is now handled by DofManager rather than by LinearProblem.
- No error now when a processor miss a combination (geometric element type, label) when boundary conditions are applied.
- Penalisation scheme has been implemented.
- BUG corrected: GeometricMeshRegion didn't keep correctly the count of labels in parallel case (the labels from vertice were read but not those from geometric element, which might differ).
- The pragma system has been extended so that the compiler might be choosed in a single file (previously it worked only for clang compiler.).
- BUG corrected: In GeometricMeshRegion, some methods weren't relevant (GeometricElement couldn't be returned as a reference as it is a pure virtual class.). Two methods implementations were also missing.
- Refactor slightly the project (creation of a Test folder, and move the place include without warning for third party library).