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- Ghost are now used, limiting tremendously the need to gather data (the only remaining one is to write solution, and it will be handed in a future release).
- RAII introduced for AO and IS mapping.
- Definitions of the SNES functions used for hyperelasticity moved from LinearProblem.cpp to HyperelasticModel.hxx. Thus NewtonSolve() is now much more generic.
- Replaced typedefs related to smart pointers by more explicit names that moreover respect the coding style. It 'frees' Vector name, that could be confused with Seldon's or Petsc wrapper's namesake objects.
- There was a nasty bug resulting from the loss of Felisce ordering: the global dofs weren't correctly indexed when the geometric element were partitioned. The calcul was nonetheless correct, but at the price of efficiency: many values were fetched in the sequential array! And I would have utterly failed with my ghost vectors: data wouldn't have been reachable for all cases. This highlights the facts that Felisce internal structure is rotten: it should be the same object that holds the information both in geometric element partitioning and later when data are fetched inside.
- Small solutions were not written when static case alone was called.
- Petsc: instead of including petsc.h everywhere, we now target only the headers that are truly required.