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- A nasty and stupid bug has been solved in Hyperelasticity: a quantity wasn't correctly initialized, leading potentially to undefined behaviour.
- Intrusive smart pointers have been replaced by std::shared_ptr. Initially it was done in the search of the bug mentioned above, but it is in fact wiser: Yuni library pretends the virtual
part is required, and it therefore wasn't so wise to deactivate it. But keeping it would mean paying the virtual cost anywhere... so shared_ptr at the moment; we'll see to replace them if the cost of memory is too huge. But doing it now was premature optimization.
- Petsc wrapper: now there are two classes that wrap over Petsc's Vec and Mat. The interface is hence slightly easier, and we limit greatly potential memory leaks: Petsc functions MatDestroy and VecDestroy are now called automatically in the destructor.
- Yuni library path has been modified in XCode project: Yuni has changed its SCM from SVN to git, and I have checked out the latest version from git. As a conequence, there is no longer a 'trunk' in the path to access the library.