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Updated CHANGELOG, bumped version number

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Change Log {#pageChangelog}
v1.0.2 - in progress
v1.0.2 - 12/2017
New or modified features:
- [kriging] Added option to toggle visibility of control points through their context menu in the "Target/Source points" windows
- [kriging] Control point parameters (nugget, skin/bone association) can now be defined in the metadata either through a per-point list, or through global values
- [kriging] The Kriging module now enables to enter global skin/bone association parameters for individual source control point sets
- [kriging] Dialogs for loading control points now remember last used folder paths
- [app] Enhanced the RunPiper.bat script for windows to allow starting Piper from a remote network drive
- [pre-posi] The target values of controllers of all types are no longer limited to <-1000;1000>, but can have arbitrary values
- [app] Piper should no longer crash when UI is scaled through operating system - some parts of the GUI can still be scaled improperly though
- [app] Temporarily disabled storing the last used folder for various dialogues if the last used folder was on a network (UNC) path as that currently causes crashes due to a bug in an external library used by PIPER.
- [app] Removed size limitations for xml validation -> large Piper Project files will now correctly validate
- [kriging] Skin/bone associations should correctly from the .pmr files and correctly applied in the Kriging module
- [kriging] Control points defined in metadata with the "target" role will now correctly show up in the "Target Control Points" menu in Kriging module
- [contour] Enhanced hip and legs repositioning
v1.0.1 - 07/2017
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ endif()
# versioning
set(Piper_VERSION_MAJOR 1)
set(Piper_VERSION_MINOR 0)
set(Piper_VERSION_PATCH 1)
set(Piper_VERSION_PATCH 2)
string(TIMESTAMP Piper_VERSION_DATE "%Y-%m-%d")
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