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  • 2.3.0
    61985ef3 · Update the changelog ·
    Release Release 2.3.0
    Changelog for version 2.3.0:
    ### General
      - analyses: introduced a JSON export compatible with SonarQube's external
      analyses format. Warnings can be emitted to an analysis database by passing
      the `-analysis-db=somefile.json` option.
  • 2.2.0
    bef283d1 · Update version ·
    Release Release 2.2.0
    Changelog for version 2.2.0:
    ### General
      - analyses: integrated static and dynamic analyses for MPI-RMA.
      They are available by using the `-check=rma` flag.
      - cli: introduced `parcoachcc`, a wrapper that can be used as a prefix on
      compilation lines to run PARCOACH in addition to running the original
      compilation line. Checkout the README and wiki articles for the usage and
      integration with Autotools/CMake.
  • 2.1.0
    0fea719b · Update changelog ·
    Release Release 2.1.0
    Changelog for version 2.1.0:
    ### General:
      - cli: introduced the `-check=...` to select the paradigm, instead of using 4
      different options (`-check-mpi` etc).
      - output: IR output is disabled by default, the information emitted by
      PARCOACH are also shorter.
      - Fixed memory leaks in some analysis, and added a test in the CI checking
      that PARCOACH doesn't leak.
      - Users can now use `-time-trace` to do some profiling on PARCOACH.
    ### Packaging:
      - RHEL: created an RPM based on RHEL 8.6.
      - Release: release and packages are automatically created when creating a tag.
  • 2.0.0
    This is a major release changing a lot the internal structure of the tool, improving the command line interface, and improving the tests and code coverage.
    Check the changelog for the detailed list of changes.
    As far as features are concerned, there should be no change: the tests base was improved before the internal changes, and there has been no regressions.
  • 1.3
    cb5af961 · Fix a bug in BFS ·
    PARCOACH version 1.3, based on LLVM 15 and the new pass manager.
  • v1.2
    version 1.2