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Refactor gen fortran

Hugo Brunie requested to merge hbrunie/minicroco:refactor_gen_fortran into master

Dependence change:

  • minicroco/PSyclone for minicroco branch minicroco has been updated to generate implicit none (Frotran backend) commit: ea7bb6b6b620c5c75f5a54032f4561827476a01e.

Code Change:

  • remove all copy of PsyIR nodes inside Poseidon dag construction: all in _extract_dag_nodes and in get_if_cond, get_if_body and get_else_body.
  • gen_fortran refactorization: no more regen_sources, no more text written in poseidon, we depend ENTIRELY on psyclone for the Fortran backend.
  • add_comment method: integrating DAGnode id as comment in generated Fortran code thanks to add_comment PsyIR node attribute.
  • use of psyir.utils.psyclone_reshape to make some unit tests independent of psyclone Fortran code reshape.
Edited by Hugo Brunie

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