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    Switch to Guile-JSON 4.x. · 1af3c087
    Ludovic Courtès authored
    * environment.scm <propagated-inputs>: Update to GUILE-JSON-4.
    * jupyter/json.scm: Use (json parser) instead of (json).  Explain the
    difference with what Guile-JSON provides.
    * guix-jupyter-kernel.scm: Use (json parser) and (json builder) instead
    of (json).
    * guix/jupyter/kernel.scm: Likewise.
    * guix/jupyter/proxy.scm: Likewise.
    * jupyter/guile.scm: Likewise.
    * jupyter/kernels.scm: Likewise.
    * jupyter/messages.scm: Likewise.
    * jupyter/servers.scm: Likewise.
    * tests/guile.scm: Likewise.
    * tests/kernels.scm: Likewise.
    * tests/servers.scm: Likewise.
    * Check for (json parser) rather than JSON.