Commit fe621f64 authored by Pascal Morillon's avatar Pascal Morillon
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[admin] Remove pdu generation from g5k_generator until pdus resources are not describes everywhere

parent 8830f88a
...@@ -194,9 +194,9 @@ module G5K ...@@ -194,9 +194,9 @@ module G5K
def node(uid, *options, &block) def node(uid, *options, &block)
build_context(:nodes, uid, *options, &block) build_context(:nodes, uid, *options, &block)
end end
def pdu(uid, *options, &block) # def pdu(uid, *options, &block)
build_context(:pdus, uid, *options, &block) # build_context(:pdus, uid, *options, &block)
end # end
def service(uid, *options, &block) def service(uid, *options, &block)
build_context(:services, uid, *options, &block) build_context(:services, uid, *options, &block)
end end
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