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Bugs/#8542: update our patched version of exhibit.js

MARGERY David requested to merge bugs/#8542 into master

Created by: dmargery


investigating bug #8542, I discovered we are using a version of exhibit.js that was patched to be able to work from our own servers rather than the public servers publishing the library.

This might be linked to an old discussion about avoiding warning about getting resources from an http source on an https page.

This pull request updates the patch to serve the JavaScript files from the assets of g5k-api rather than from, in order to be able to use g5k-api's webui through a proxy.

In the process, I fixed issues preventing me from testing my changes:

  • an issue with exhibit not being able to decide whether the locale is fr or FR-fr by duplicating a locale.js
  • an issue with the development environment not proxying requests to kadeployapi
  • the reference to reims, no longer a Grid'5000 site

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