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- Feature #1098: Create an Initialize() method in FiberList to enable the possibility to choose which qudrature rule to use (rather than taking the one defined in the FEltSpace).
- Feature #1094: PostProcessing: implement a new output for deformed mesh.
- Feature #1090: Current ComputeEltArray() should be split into 3 methods (InitializeLocalComputation, ComputeEltArray,
FinalizeLocalComputation) so that it's possible to restrict a call to only one of these. All current models have been changed minimally (with first and third method left empty) even if for some of them (hyperelasticity for instance) it could be neater to split the code among these methods.
- Feature #1085: Introduce a way to introduce a variable number of domains in a model (for instance for patient specific application).

- Bug #1101: Wrapper Petsc::GatherVector was not correct (and was actually never used in the code).
- Bug #1099: ScalarParameterFromFile time dependency wasn't working; now it no longer inherits from Parameter class and is more straightforward to understand.

- Support #1103: Fix some cppcheck warnings.
- Support #1102: Add MPI_COMM_SELF in the wrapper around mpi communicator.
- Support #1096: Fix compilation warnings.
- Support #1092: Implement some stuff for HappyM3DISIM use.