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- Feature #884	Implement cardiac mechanics with resolution in displacement and velocity.
- Feature #410	Implement a Verdandi HeatModel with copy.
- Feature #1076	GlobalVariationalOperator: enable different implementation for LocalVariationalOperators.
- Feature #1075	Parameter::GetValue() should be applied either upon LocalCoords or upon QuadraturePoint, depending on the underlying implementation.

- Support #1091 In the convenient crtp that gives access to local matrices and vector, init the linear algebra to zero.
- Support #1089	Run Cppcheck and correct the warnings it finds.
- Support #1080	RefGeomElt::shared_ptr might be replaced in numerous locations by more efficient GeometricEltEnum.
- Support #1078	Make SeldonTrans work with HappyHeart.

- Bug #1084	Compilation fail with some macros...
- Bug #1072	In ComputePatternHelper.cpp, macros are unduly placed around an include.