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- Feature #1068: Simplified hyperelastic model, much more easy to understand. In this model the hyperastic law and the time scheme are hardcoded (respectively to CiarletGeymonat and midpoint).
- Documentation #1070: Add seminars of January 2017 in Documentation folder.
- Support #1067: Remove the only non-filesystem Yuni dependency in the code. Yuni third party library is to be dropped as soon as C++ 17 STL is available for both clang and gcc (hopefully later this year...)
- Support #1069: Some Private namespaces were still lurking in Geometry module (I guess I lost some modifications at some point when I reinstalled my laptop). They are now correctly replaced by Advanced/Internal ones.
- Support #1071: Command line arguments was very limited (only the argument --input_parameters was handled) so far. I introduced in ThirdParty directory the (header-only) TCLAP library, which does a good job handling more complicated command lines schemes. I have introduced it in a slightly indirect way so that for most (actually all current ones!) models the interface of the main remain unchanged.