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- Design #1062: Revert #1039 about include convention: XCode was lost and unable to track the lines of warnings and errors in header files. So HappyHeart no longer appear explicitly in include names; ticket in Redmine explains how to proceed nonetheless to solve the issue Gautier met.
- Support #859: Utilities: add a function to concatenate several files.

Ongoing tickets:

- Documentation #9: Many missing Doxygen comments fixed; only Utilities, ThirdParty, Core/InputParameter, PostProcessing still harbor Doxygen warnings (I let aside the elephant in the room: ModelInstances will require a huge amount of work if we want it to cpmply as well).
- Design #1064: Start the reflexion on the splitting of InputParameterList: values that shouldn't be modified by the end user should not appear in the input parameter file.
- Feature #1022: Rewrite of Poromechanics in progress; 2x2 is now running but there is a bug to find in the monolithic system (doesn't behave as a Newton).