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Parameters/Parameter operator tickets:

- Feature #959: Simplify greatly interface of Parameters (e.g. ParameterAtDof now rather than ParameterAtDof::type...)
and document more properly time policy.
- Feature #1025: Extend GlobalParameterOperator to enable its use on Parameter with a non None time policy.
- Profile #700: Enable construction of a ParameterAtQuadraturePoint from a ParameterAtDof (the former is much more
efficient at runtime, in the case values do not change).
- Support #1027: Remove construction of local2global in GlobalParameterOperator.
- Support #1026: Refactor the directories/libraries for Operators and Parameters: they are now split in half with
so-called OperatorInstances and ParameterInstances defined both once Operators and Parameters are defined. Doing so
breaks any circular definition issue we might have.
- Support #1029: Replace ParameterAtDof by ParameterAtQuadraturePoint in FiberList (using what was introduced in #700).
- Support #995: Add a macro HAPPY_HEART_CHECK_NAN_AND_INF within which there are additional checks for nan and inf values.


- Support #878: Rewrite header guards as a Python script (the C++ version was cumbersone as it required part of Utilities
to compile, which could lead to a chicken and egg issue during refactoring. Moreover, it relied heavily upon Yuni library
which I hope to remove when C++ 17 provides filesystem operations).

Ongoing tickets:

- Documentation #9: Clean all Doxygen warnings in Parameters, ParameterInstances. In progress for Operators.