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- Feature #1002 - #1004: Add a clean support for linear and non-linear solve failure: now in case of failure there is
a message that gives away the cause of the issue (as provided by Petsc).
- Feature #996: Improve Ensight support.

- Support #1020: In instance of GlobalVariationalOperators, DoComputeProcessorWiseLocal2Global is no longer a constructor argument.
It is actually the operator itself which 'knows' whether it needs processor-wise local2global; in many models the constructor value
was incorrectly set to yes, thus using lots of memory for unused data.
- Support #1018: Change template parameter of ApplyEssentialBoundaryCondition so that call is more user-friendly.
- Support #1012 - Bug #1013 - Bug #1014: Improve the implementation of Solver class, especially the parallel support.
- Support #1011: Now by default TimeKeeper only tracks the overall time of the program; a macro must be invoked to
write more stuff in the file.
- Support #1009: Mesh dimension is no longer a constructor argument for operators.
- Support #999: Main EnsightOutput executable has been removed; now there is a tailored-one in each model instance.
A XCode template has been added to provide the skeleton of the main file.
- Support #989: Update XCode project to XCode 8.
- Support #987: Add more informations in AssertNumericalValues.
- Support #984: Clarify usage of MatSetValues.
- Support #985: Complete an assert to explain how to make available local->global in an Operator prior to a call to

- Bug #1021: Fix the slight numerical discrepancy that appeared in developments since last tag (introduced by #1014).
- Bug #1019: Fix a poor stop condition in metaprogramming for PrintTuple, that made gcc compilation fail.
- Bug #1107: Movemesh wasn't protected enough in case of two FEltSpace on its numbering subset.

Poromechanics specific tickets:

- Feature #1001: Rewrite slightly hyperelastic contribution so that any vanilla law can be provided and expanded with fluidmass contribution.
- Feature #991: Write a proper 3D case.
- Feature #988: Add penalization porosity term.
- Feature #967: Add the movement of the mesh.
- Feature #962: Real operators are now used rather than the so-called 'analyticalPressure' ones. The approximate formula
is now used solely for quadrature points for which the denominator would otherwise be zero.
- Feature #990: Reintroduce so-called 'beta' (in Freefem script) contribution.

- Support #993: Write the post processing.
- Support #992: Prepare the relevant outputs.

- Bug #998: Initial porosity was actually present twice in the input parameter file, with two different names

Ongoing tickets:

- Support #9: Improve and complete comments (for Operators mostly).
- Support #887: Refactor files and namespaces.
- Support #859: Minor modifications that don't deserve their own ticket.