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- Feature #820: A first draft of Poromechanics is now complete. #960 has spawn many tickets for improvements required
before it may be moved outside of its current 'UnderDevelopment' directory.
- Feature #964, #965, #979 and support #968, #978, #980: first batch of #960 tickets to improve and extend poromechanics.
- Feature #981: Introduce TetraP1b finite element.
- Feature #976: Make several Petsc vector methods and functions automatically call UpdateGhosts(). It proved to be tedious
to make sure it was properly called at every step in models, so now it's reverted: it's automatically called but
might be bypassed if the developer knows what he is doing (for instance if there is a MatMult which result is immediately
modified by a AXPY it can be safely bypassed).

- Support #972: Add a mechanics to provide GlobalVector for temporary usage without having to reallocate them. This is much
safer than what I did previously.
- Support #955: QuadratureRulePerTopology should be given by value copy rather than by move constructor in operators.

- Bug #982: Correct a bug in debug function AssertMatrixRespectPattern() that occurred sometimes in parallel. Also
rewrite slightly VertexMatching interpolator to fix another parallel bug.

- Profile #913: Add dev tool in UpdateGhosts() to check whether a call is actually required.