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- Feature #950: In VariationalFormulation, extend the interface of ApplyBoundaryCondition to enable both pseudo-elimination and penalization.

- Support #951: Improve interface of ShellMatrix.

- Bug #949: A recent change in LocalVariational operator Crtp was not correctly reported in GlobalParametersOperators (not featured in current integration tests).
- Bug #952: Fix a bug in Singleton destruction sequence (that was already seen and clumsily fixed in #739 and #740).

Ongoing tickets:

- Feature #820: Poromechanics Gmres loop dH in progress.


In integration test, Stokes failed in parallel in both debug and release mode with gcc. The problem is not consistent: it occurs only during some runs, while the other yield the expected result.
It is likely to be related to the versions of third party librairies used with gcc; a ticket (#953) has been opened to investigate it.