Commit cbb451bf authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond

Fix example.

parent bea08189
......@@ -1340,15 +1340,15 @@ apply generic_format_FLT.
apply FLT_format_generic in Fx1; apply FLT_format_generic in Fx2...
destruct Fx1 as [f Hf1 Hf2 Hf3].
destruct Fx2 as [g Hg1 Hg2 Hg3].
exists (Fplus beta f g).
exists (Fplus f g).
now rewrite F2R_plus, Hf1, Hg1.
apply lt_IZR.
rewrite abs_IZR.
rewrite IZR_Zpower.
2: auto with zarith.
apply Rmult_lt_reg_r with (bpow (Fexp (Fplus beta f g))).
apply Rmult_lt_reg_r with (bpow (Fexp (Fplus f g))).
apply bpow_gt_0.
apply Rle_lt_trans with (Rabs (F2R (Fplus beta f g))).
apply Rle_lt_trans with (Rabs (F2R (Fplus f g))).
right; unfold F2R; rewrite Rabs_mult.
apply f_equal.
apply sym_eq, Rabs_right.
......@@ -1357,7 +1357,7 @@ rewrite F2R_plus, <- Hf1, <- Hg1.
apply Rlt_le_trans with (1:=Y).
rewrite <- bpow_plus.
apply bpow_le.
assert (emin <= Fexp (Fplus beta f g))%Z.
assert (emin <= Fexp (Fplus f g))%Z.
rewrite Fexp_Fplus.
now apply Zmin_case.
......@@ -2155,12 +2155,12 @@ rewrite Hf1.
apply Rle_trans with (1:=RRle_abs _).
rewrite <- F2R_abs.
unfold F2R; rewrite bpow_plus.
replace (Fexp (Fabs beta f)) with (Fexp f).
replace (Fexp (Fabs f)) with (Fexp f).
apply Rmult_le_compat_r.
apply bpow_ge_0.
rewrite <- IZR_Zpower.
left; apply IZR_lt.
replace (Fnum (Fabs beta f)) with (Zabs (Fnum f)).
replace (Fnum (Fabs f)) with (Zabs (Fnum f)).
destruct f; unfold Fabs; reflexivity.
......@@ -2211,15 +2211,3 @@ omega.
End Hyp_ok_.
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