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2.17.0 14-Jan-2020
 - use QVTKOpenGLNativeWidget (requires VTK 8.2.0 and up)
 - fix display of menubar on macos in dtkVisualizationViewer
 - stream tracer widget refactoring
 - major update to decorators:
  - fix draw/touch usage
  - uniform coloring is available for all vector decorators
  - management of color map can be enhanced especially to include opacity
  - dtkVisualizationDecoratorScalarIsolines -> dtkVisualizationDecoratorIsocontours
  - dtkVisualizationDecoratorScalarScalarColormap -> dtkVisualizationDecoratorSurfaceColor
 - add cmake option to build with VTK git (```DTKVISUALIZATION_USE_UPCOMING_VTK```)