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  • v1.2.0
    1.1.0 -> 1.2.0
  • v1.1.0
    Version 1.1.0
    - New `--no-preview-on-error` option,
      that disables the preview of the logs of failed processes.
    - Improved the preview of the logs of failed processes:
      - This is now written on stderr (was on stdout).
      - This is now compatible with the `--json-logs` option, as stdout can keep
        its JSON structure regardless of stderr previews.
      - This is now enabled by default
        (use `--no-preview-on-error` to keep old behaviour).
    - The `--preview-on-error` option is now deprecated.
  • v1.0.0
    3e80900c · [misc] bump version 1.0.0 ·
    Version 1.0.0
    - The version given by `--version` can now be set from `git describe`.
      For build convenience's sake, a `Makefile` is provided at the
      repository's root.
    - Most features are now tested and seem to work.
      All code is covered (maybe not fully on the CI yet).
    - All calls to `log.Fatal` or `os.Exit` have been removed.
      The following functions now also return an error:
      - `FromYaml`, `IsBatsimOrBatschedRunning`, `PrepareDirs`, `ToYaml`
    - robintest now consider that robin's execution context was clean during
      execution unless it encounters a log line stating the opposite.
      Previously, robintest expected the execution context to be busy by default
      (unless encountering a log line stating the opposite).
    - Setgpid was not set on some user-given commands (batsim command when batsim
      was launched without scheduler, and the check script).
      This resulted in Kill not working as expected (only the subprocess was
      killed, not the subprocess and all its children).
  • v0.3.0
    4b67f973 · [misc] bump version 0.3.0 ·
    Version 0.3.0
    - More tests, coverage reports in CI.
    - robintest can now execute a check script with the ``--result-check-script``
      option. Such script is called if all expectations have been met. The
      script is called with batsim's export prefix as first argument.
    - robintest now supports a ``--debug`` logging option.
    - robintest can now be built with coverage support.
    - robintest can now call ``robin.test`` (robin with coverage support) via
      the ``--cover`` option.
    - More batexpe functions and types are now public:
      - Types: ``CmdFinishedMsg``
      - Functions: ``ExecuteTimeout``
    - Most robin functions should now return an error.
    - ``RobinResult`` struct now has a ``Succeeded`` boolean instead of a
      ``ReturnCode`` integer.
    - robin tried to execute the instance even with the ``generate`` subcommand.
      robin should now return after generating the description file.
    - robintest return value could be 0 while an expection was not met.
      robintest should now return 1 when expectations are not met.
    - robintest did not retrieve robin's return code correctly.
    - batexpe code to determine whether conflicting batsim instances are running
      did not work: Some batsim instances were not found.
      The regexp has been improved and they seem to be detected now.
  • v0.2.0
    b9a38fd8 · [misc] bump version 0.2.0 ·
    Version 0.2.0
    - Robin: New command-line option '--preview-on-error'.
      If set, robin prints a preview of a process's stdout and stderr on error.
      This option cannot be set together with `--json-logs`,
      as it directly prints to robin's stdout.
    - New ``robintest`` program, meant to wrap robin calls, parse their output
      and check that expected behaviors happened.
    - Robin can now be built with coverage support.
      As compiling and running robin with coverage can be tricky, please refer to
      [batexpe's CI script](../.gitlab-ci.yml) for more information.
    - [Robin's CI]( has been set
      up. Robin it heavily tested for simple cases and should now work for them.
    - Batexpe: New function ``KillProcess``, that kills a process and all its
      children (sending SIGTERM to them).
    - Batexpe: New function ``PreviewFile``, that reads a file and display a
      preview of its content, showing the whole file if short enough or only its
      first and last lines.
    - Batexpe: New function ``IsBatsimOrBatschedRunning``, that calls ``ps`` and
      parse its output to determine whether any batsim or batsched is running.
    - Batexpe: New types and functions to ease parsing robin's output
      (in [parserobin.go](../parserobin.go):
      - Types: RobinResult
      - Functions: ``RunRobin``, ``ParseRobinOutput``, ``WasBatsimSuccessful``,
      ``WasSchedSuccessful``, ``WasContextClean``.
    - Batexpe's ``ParseBatsimCommand`` now also returns an error.
    - Batexpe's ``CreateDirIfNeeded`` now returns an error.
    - Batexpe's ``PortFromBatSock`` now also returns an error.
      It now also expects a batsim command as input parameter.
    - Regex to find running Batsim processes was bad.
    - Typing ctrl+C too fast or setting very low timeouts caused segmentation fault
      when killing processes. This should now be fixed.
    - Process cleanup robustness has been improved.
      It should now work in most simple cases, as seen in
      [Robin's CI](
  • v0.1.0
    156e883d · [doc] changelog creation ·
    First released version.