Release 0.1.0

Most of the work for this version was focused on a new implementation of the backbone library liborchestra featuring:

  • A shift to futures-based concurrency in the whole codebase. From the ssh connection to the resource allocation, slot acquisition, and repository interactions; every blocking operations involved in the execution was made non-blocking. This allows to concurrently execute as much executions as allowed by the different resources (ssh connections, schedulers, nodes), and not by the task scheduler.

  • A concurrent model of cluster schedulers. The scheduling of executions that was once deferred to the remote schedulers such as slurms, is now concurrently managed from the library. This allows to substitute for the platform queue, locally and concurrently.

  • A fine-grained slot acquisition model. The placement of executions processes on nodes that was once deferred to the scheduler is now managed by the library. This means that we can acquire 10 nodes and place any number (e.g. threds number) of execution processes on every single nodes independently and concurrently. This allows for a much more intensive use of the acquires resources, while retaining the gain of managing executions one by one.

  • Much more :)

We also implemented a new version of runaway-cli using it.