Version 1.0.1 of the UMANS software.


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Release notes


  • The console application now measures and reports the running time.


  • [#88] The console application now correctly uses the "number of threads" parameter.
  • PowerLaw: Now ignoring collisions that are more than tau0 seconds away.
  • WorldToric: Fixed a mix-up of x and y.

Performance improvements:

  • PhantomAgent now caches values that were often re-computed.
  • Faster construction of nearest-neighbor lists.
  • More parallel-friendly use of pointers.
  • Decreased the "range" (neighbor distance) from 100 to 5 meters in all example policies. This changes the output slightly, but it is crucial for efficiency.
  • GoalReachingForce, RandomFunction: Decreased the default "range" to 0, as these functions do not use any neighbors.

Other improvements:

  • Modernized CostFunctionFactory, using C++ templates instead of C macros.