Redmine - Gitlab issues

Our Redmine server was lost in October 2019 and we're sure now it's not recoverable. Therefore two tickets to work aroung and save what could be:

  • Support #1606: Set up Gitlab issues, and try at best to populate old issues.
  • Support #1607: Transcribe the content of Redmine mails into Gitlab issues.

Finite element

  • Design #1605: Components (Comp1, Comp123, etc...): improve the static methods by avoiding copies
  • Design #1603: FElt should be Internal.


  • Design #1585: FiberListManager should not be Internal as it is called directly in models


  • Support #1599: Create functions that implements most of the content of more common mains.
  • Support #1608: Rename the Model and VariationalFormulation files in ModelInstances.


  • Support #1609: Add some tests for IsUniquePtr and IsSharedPtr.

CI / Tools

  • Feature #1601: Set up clang format.
  • Feature #1602: Use include-what-you-use on the code base
  • Support #1597 Sonarqube: introduce a step that checks connexion is ok before runnning the scanner.
  • Feature #1593: Work on Sonarqube outputs so that only relevant code smells are tracked in the tool.
  • Feature #1610: Prepare CIscripts in analysis to check clang format and IWYU are properly applied throughout the code
  • Bug #1611: Fix a bug that prevented the proper generation of the official Doxygen documentation through Gitlab Pages.