• Feature #1595: Remove ApplyFunctorToAllItems function in Tuple.


  • Bug #1594: Remove the Geometry and Parameter includes in Core library.
  • Design #1596: Enum AtNodeOrAtQuadPt is not longer Internal namespace.


  • Design #1598: Remove EnsightCaseReader: it wasn't used and the code was dubious.


  • Design #1585: FiberListManager is not longer in Internal namespace.


  • Feature #1599: Create template functions that implements most of the content of more common mains - thus eliminating code duplication.


  • Support #1592: Fix Sonarqube script which was no longer working due to upgrade of server version; the script has been modified to be more robust and properly indicate in these cases the job is a failure (it was reported as a success in v20.52...)
  • Support #1593: Analyse the sonarqube code smells and handle them (dismiss, confirm or fix). This ticket entails many corrections related to code smell fixes (most prominently the numerous too long lines...)
  • Feature #1597: Introduce a step that checks connexion is ok before runnning the scanner


  • Feature #1601: Set up clang-format.