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- Feature #922: Hyperelastic laws might now be used outside pof hyperelastic operator (and so are invariants and Cauchy-Green tensors).
- Feature #919: PostProcessing: create a new executable that enable visualization by Ensight for high order for quadragular meshes (we mimic the case of a Q1 modal on a much finer mesh). It's likely this works only for a Model in sequential at the moment.
- Support #936: Provide a convertor for matrices from HappyHeart to Freefem. This convertor is quite crude and not very user-friendly, but
nonetheless very handy to debug the code. It works properly for 2D case with P1 and P1b element so far; additional case will be added when the need
- Support #932: Clean-up of Assembling().
- Support #929: Add a new compile mode (alongside 'debug' and 'release') for callgrind which provides debug symbols on a release compilation.
- Support #923: Add in Filesystem a function File::Copy() than handles correctly autocopy.
- Support #920: GeometricMeshManager: new unique id might now be called out of Create() method.
- Support #939: Replace the Lua files used for acoustic wave model in integration tests.
- Bug #937: In post-processing, only the dofs located on vertex were correctly loaded.
- Bug #934: Coefficients of ScalarDivVectorial were inverted.
- Bug #925: In post-processing, if a Model was used the output directory was deleted in the call to InputParameterFile.
- Bug #924: GeometricMeshRegion::GetGeometricEltPtr() was not functional (it wasn't used anywhere anyway...); it has been replaced by GetGeometricEltFromIndex(),
with a comment saying it should be avoided when performances are at stake (it is used currently in PostProcessing only).
- Bug #921: A change from v16.18.2 made models with Ensight mesh fail.

Ongoing tickets:

- #820 Implicit fluid step: the variational formulation involving matrix ((m, v, p), (m, v, p)) now yields the correct result.
- #9 Update Doxygen comments.