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- Bug #911: Fix an important bug in SubsetOrSuperset that could lead to wrong results when several numbering subsets were defined in the same FEltSpace.
- Support #914: Add a more direct constructor in GeometricMeshRegion, for the need of Federica and Sebastien I. This constructor takes directly the list of Coords and GeomElt rather than assuming it's provided in a file. GeometricMeshRegion object must be created through the GeometricMeshRegionManager dedicated Create() method.
- Support #915: QuadratureRulePerTopology is now given by copy value rather than by move assignment.
- Support #916 Rename more accurately RefFEltSpace into RefLocalFEltSpace.
- Bug #917: Fix a bug introduced in #909 (poorly written assert in Gauss formula computation).

Ongoing tickets:

- Feature #820: Fix parallel code in Poromechanics (UpdateGhosts() was missing in several locations, and #911 was found as well).