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- Support #907: Minor fixes to issues found during the test phase of the ta, during which I ran the integration test for the first time in a while. Running thse tests will now be part of the standard procedure before releasing any tag.
- Support #909: Gauss formula for quadrature points were lifted from Ondomatic (which itself took them from another code) and therefore lacked the usual debug safeties provided by HappyHeart. This led to a bug tricky to identify while using new quadrature rules for hexahedra; so asserts have been added to avoid such a time loss should another bug be hidden there.
- Feature #904: Extend time dependancy of Parameter so that it now may be given from an input file rather than by a functor. Currently the input file must give time-dependant values for eacjh time step considered; in the future extrapolation shall be introduced (probably as an policy).
- Feature #900: Refactor quadrature rules so that they are now stored at FEltSpace level. Each GlobalVariationalOperator may supersede them with its own through an optional constructor argument.
- Support #902: Secure the use of AXPY for matrices: previously default argument assumed X and Y follows the same pattern, which could lead to bugs if that is not the case. So now it is an explicit template argument not defaulted.
- Bug #903: Fix a computation that overestimated in parallel the number of processor-wise interfaces (to put in a nutshell ghosted were counted as processor-wise).

Ongoing tickets:

- Feature #820: Poromechanics: implicit step fluid a bit further (and AXPY bug corrected - see #902).