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- Bug #894 - #891: NodeBearerList was not correctly computed during reduction in parallel. This bug was there for a long time but impacted only models with certain kinds of interpolators (so only poromechanics was concerned...)
- Feature #885: Expand Scalar div Vectorial to handle more cases.
- Support #888 Petsc: introduce a wrapper over MatMatMultNumeric and MatMatMultSymbolic.
- Support #890: Write a function that checks a matrix really respect its expected pattern.
- Support #892: Add SNESConvergenceTestFunction in SNES.
- Bug #893: Coords: an assert for operator== was completely off
- Support #886: Interpolator: FromVertexMatching interface has been simplified.
- Feature #885: Expand ScalarDivVectorial to handle more cases in both Operators library and Poromechanics model (which defines its own version of the operator).

Ongoing tickets:

- Documentation #9 - Design #882: FormulationSolver, Core and Domain in Geometry have been cleant-up a bit.
- Feature #820: Implement poromechanics model - part T11 of the implicit fluid matrix has been computed (with difficulty due to #891).