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- Support #847: Cauchy Green and invariants are now independent objects outside of Hyperelastic operator.
- Support #846: Update the version of the Perl script that counts the number of lines; put it in Sources/ThirdParty folder to make its origin crystal clear.
- Bug #844: Fix gcc compilation errors.
- Support #843: Refactor CauchyGreen tensor for SecondPiolaKirchhoffStressTensor operator.
- Feature #841: Introduce a Solid class which encompass all the solid-related parameters. Consistency between them is now thoroughly checked.
- Support #840: SVenantKirchhoff: rewrite it so that input parameters are directly Lame parameters.
- Support #839: Tone down the use of Yuni library in HappyHeart.
- Documentation #832: Clarify in Parameter::Policy::OpsFunction the meaning of second template parameter.