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      Merge branch 'external_printer' · 974ef24c
      Sylvain authored
      This is a proof of concept of the external printing/parsing. This works by
      adding externally defined (from Pretty) elements to the standard
      printing/parsing. We use the example of the Python plugin to show how it
      - the tasks should contain new notations (example python: /\ replaced by "and")
      - the new notations can be used in the transformations (example python:
        "assert (0 == 0 and b > 1)"
      The file format contained in the session is used to decide which external
      parser/printer to use. These are registered in a similar way that language,
      parser, or transformations are registered. For example, a goal whose ancestor
      is a python file (according to the file format inside the session) will be
      printed with the Python external printer; and transformations originating
      from this goal will be parsed with the same language.
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      Merge branch 'list_stdlib' into 'master' · 49d0a327
      DAILLER Sylvain authored
      List stdlib
      See merge request !237
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      Merge branch 'shape_crash_ide' into 'master' · 2c6b7a32
      DAILLER Sylvain authored
      Attempt to solve the issue that crashes the ide (and is not reproducible)
      See merge request !239
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      ide: Add a minimal search menu · e2881dbb
      Sylvain authored
      A color remain to be added for the coloration of found elements.
      This also makes the cursor visible in task and make tasks found by
      get_source_view* functions
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