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      Q817-011 proof - integrate float enabled cvc4 · 2ff5ad5f
      Sylvain Dailler authored
      Generic BV cleanup.
      BitVector theory:
      * Express to_int in terms of to_uint and a new predicate
        is_signed_positive. I can't use sge directly because it has not been
        introduced yet, and it can't be re-ordered as it uses to_int.
      * Add new axiom to link the two.
      Generic BitVector driver:
      * Re-ordering of the BV driver to match the theory.
      * Remove to_uint_of_int axiom.
      * Remove the new axiom linking is_signed_positive and sge.
      * Refactor Z3 specific BV driver, similar to what is done with CVC4. Make
        a note that explains Z3's bv2int is actually bv2nat despite
        the name.
      * Simplify its BV driver slightly by moving to_uint printer into bv_gen.
      Change-Id: I0a00ad1f65219a9e0896f542dd832b6055653dc5