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Make --realize into a proper subcommand.

parent 9deea655
......@@ -69,6 +69,9 @@ why3.conf
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(* *)
(* The Why3 Verification Platform / The Why3 Development Team *)
(* Copyright 2010-2014 -- INRIA - CNRS - Paris-Sud University *)
(* *)
(* This software is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser *)
(* General Public License version 2.1, with the special exception *)
(* on linking described in file LICENSE. *)
(* *)
open Format
open Why3
open Stdlib
open Theory
open Driver
let usage_msg = sprintf
"Usage: %s [options] [[file|-] [-T <theory> [-G <goal>]...]...]..."
(Filename.basename Sys.argv.(0))
let version_msg = sprintf "Why3 platform, version %s (build date: %s)"
Config.version Config.builddate
let opt_queue = Queue.create ()
let opt_input = ref None
let add_opt_file x =
let tlist = Queue.create () in
Queue.push (Some x, tlist) opt_queue;
opt_input := Some tlist
let add_opt_theory =
let rdot = (Str.regexp "\\.") in fun x ->
let l = Str.split rdot x in
let p, t = match List.rev l with
| t::p -> List.rev p, t
| _ -> assert false
match !opt_input, p with
| None, [] ->
eprintf "Option '-T'/'--theory' with a non-qualified \
argument requires an input file.@.";
exit 1
| Some tlist, [] ->
Queue.push (x, p, t) tlist
| _ ->
let tlist = Queue.create () in
Queue.push (None, tlist) opt_queue;
opt_input := None;
Queue.push (x, p, t) tlist
let opt_parser = ref None
let opt_driver = ref None
let opt_output = ref None
let opt_task = ref None
let opt_print_libdir = ref false
let opt_print_datadir = ref false
let option_list = [
"-", Arg.Unit (fun () -> add_opt_file "-"),
" Read the input file from stdin";
"-T", Arg.String add_opt_theory,
"<theory> Select <theory> in the input file or in the library";
"--theory", Arg.String add_opt_theory,
" same as -T";
"-F", Arg.String (fun s -> opt_parser := Some s),
"<format> Select input format (default: \"why\")";
"--format", Arg.String (fun s -> opt_parser := Some s),
" same as -F";
"-D", Arg.String (fun s -> opt_driver := Some (s, [])),
"<file> Specify a prover's driver (conflicts with -P)";
"--driver", Arg.String (fun s -> opt_driver := Some (s, [])),
" same as -D";
"-o", Arg.String (fun s -> opt_output := Some s),
"<dir> Print the selected goals to separate files in <dir>";
"--output", Arg.String (fun s -> opt_output := Some s),
" same as -o" ]
let (env, config) =
Args.initialize option_list add_opt_file usage_msg
let () =
if Queue.is_empty opt_queue then begin
Arg.usage option_list usage_msg;
exit 1
if !opt_driver = None then begin
eprintf "Driver (-D) is required.@.";
exit 1
let output_theory drv fname _tname th task dir =
let fname = Filename.basename fname in
let fname =
try Filename.chop_extension fname with _ -> fname in
let dest = Driver.file_of_theory drv fname th in
let file = Filename.concat dir dest in
let old =
if Sys.file_exists file then begin
let backup = file ^ ".bak" in
Sys.rename file backup;
Some (open_in backup)
end else None in
let cout = open_out file in
Driver.print_task ?old drv (formatter_of_out_channel cout) task;
close_out cout
let do_task drv fname tname (th : Theory.theory) (task : Task.task) =
match !opt_output with
| Some dir ->
output_theory drv fname tname th task dir
| None ->
eprintf "Output directory (-o) is required.@.";
exit 1
let do_theory drv fname tname th =
if th.th_path = [] then begin
eprintf "Theory %s is not from the library.@." tname;
exit 1
let drv = Opt.get drv in
let task = Task.use_export !opt_task th in
do_task drv fname tname th task
let do_global_theory env drv (tname,p,t) =
let format = Opt.get_def "why" !opt_parser in
let th = try Env.read_theory ~format env p t with Env.TheoryNotFound _ ->
eprintf "Theory '%s' not found.@." tname;
exit 1
do_theory drv "lib" tname th
let do_local_theory drv fname m (tname,_,t) =
let th = try Mstr.find t m with Not_found ->
eprintf "Theory '%s' not found in file '%s'.@." tname fname;
exit 1
do_theory drv fname tname th
let do_input env drv = function
| None, tlist ->
Queue.iter (do_global_theory env drv) tlist
| Some f, tlist ->
let fname, cin = match f with
| "-" -> "stdin", stdin
| f -> f, open_in f
let m = Env.read_channel ?format:!opt_parser env fname cin in
close_in cin;
if Queue.is_empty tlist then
let add_th t th mi = Ident.Mid.add th.th_name (t,th) mi in
let do_th _ (t,th) = do_theory drv fname t th in
Ident.Mid.iter do_th (Mstr.fold add_th m Ident.Mid.empty)
Queue.iter (do_local_theory drv fname m) tlist
let driver_file s =
if Sys.file_exists s || String.contains s '/' || String.contains s '.' then
Filename.concat Config.datadir (Filename.concat "drivers" (s ^ ".drv"))
let load_driver env (s,ef) =
let file = driver_file s in
load_driver env file ef
let () =
let drv = (load_driver env) !opt_driver in
Queue.iter (do_input env drv) opt_queue
with e when not (Debug.test_flag Debug.stack_trace) ->
eprintf "%a@." Exn_printer.exn_printer e;
exit 1
Local Variables:
compile-command: "unset LANG; make -C ../.. byte"
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