Commit d3a21566 authored by François Bobot's avatar François Bobot

From review, remove unneeded debug flags in autodetection.

parent 0d689a61
......@@ -45,22 +45,16 @@ open Whyconf
module Wc = Whyconf
open Rc
(** For debug *)
let debug = Debug.register_info_flag "autodetect-debug"
let debug = Debug.register_info_flag "autodetect"
~desc:"Print@ debugging@ messages@ about@ auto-detection@ \
of@ external@ provers."
(** Usual output of why3 detect, on by default in why3 config *)
let info = Debug.register_info_flag "autodetect"
~desc:"Print@ informational@ messages@ about@ auto-detection@ \
of@ external@ provers."
let is_config_command = ref false
let print_info fmt =
if !is_config_command
then Format.printf fmt
else Debug.dprintf info fmt
else Debug.dprintf debug fmt
(* auto-detection of provers *)
......@@ -10,7 +10,6 @@
val debug: Debug.flag
val info: Debug.flag
val is_config_command: bool ref
(** Lists prover family names from detection config *)
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