Commit a55c1d04 authored by Mario Pereira's avatar Mario Pereira
parents ba0e4a5f 406e7f00
......@@ -15,7 +15,10 @@ open Decl
open Theory
open Task
let t_unfold env fs tl ty =
let rec relocate loc t =
t_map (relocate loc) (t_label ?loc t.t_label t)
let t_unfold loc env fs tl ty =
match Mls.find_opt fs env with
| None ->
t_app fs tl ty
......@@ -23,14 +26,14 @@ let t_unfold env fs tl ty =
let add (mt,mv) x y = ty_match mt x.vs_ty (t_type y), Mvs.add x y mv in
let (mt,mv) = List.fold_left2 add (Ty.Mtv.empty, Mvs.empty) vl tl in
let mt = oty_match mt e.t_ty ty in
t_ty_subst mt mv e
t_ty_subst mt mv (relocate loc e)
(* inline every symbol *)
let rec t_replace_all env t =
let t = t_map (t_replace_all env) t in
match t.t_node with
| Tapp (fs,tl) -> t_label_copy t (t_unfold env fs tl t.t_ty)
| Tapp (fs,tl) -> t_label_copy t (t_unfold t.t_loc env fs tl t.t_ty)
| _ -> t
(* inline the top-most symbol *)
......@@ -39,7 +42,7 @@ let rec f_replace_top env f = match f.t_node with
| Tapp (ps,_) when ls_equal ps ps_equ ->
t_map (f_replace_top env) f
| Tapp (ls,tl) ->
t_label_copy f (t_unfold env ls tl f.t_ty)
t_label_copy f (t_unfold f.t_loc env ls tl f.t_ty)
| _ when f.t_ty = None ->
TermTF.t_map (fun t -> t) (f_replace_top env) f
| _ ->
......@@ -126,4 +129,3 @@ let () =
~desc:"Same@ as@ 'inline_all', but@ only@ inline in@ goals.";
Trans.register_transform "inline_trivial" trivial
~desc:"Inline@ trivial@ definitions@ like@ @[f(x,y) = g(y,x,0)@]."
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