Commit 99b6e647 authored by Mário Pereira's avatar Mário Pereira

New theories seq.{Distinct, ToFset}

parent 177fb628
......@@ -182,7 +182,46 @@ theory Mem
theory Distinct
use import int.Int
use import Seq
predicate distinct (s : seq 'a) =
forall i j. 0 <= i < length s -> 0 <= j < length s ->
i <> j -> s[i] <> s[j]
theory ToFset
use import int.Int
use import Seq as S
use import set.Fset
function to_set (s: seq 'a) : set 'a
axiom to_set_empty: to_set (S.empty: seq 'a) = (empty: set 'a)
axiom to_set_add: forall s: seq 'a. length s > 0 ->
to_set s = add s[0] (to_set s[1 ..])
lemma to_set_cardinal: forall s: seq 'a.
cardinal (to_set s) <= length s
lemma to_set_mem: forall s: seq 'a, i: int. 0 <= i < length s ->
mem s[i] (to_set s)
lemma to_set_snoc: forall s: seq 'a, x: 'a.
to_set (snoc s x) = add x (to_set s)
use import Distinct
lemma to_set_cardinal_distinct: forall s: seq 'a. distinct s ->
cardinal (to_set s) = length s
(** {2 Sorted Sequences} *)
theory Sorted
use import Seq
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